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about us

about us

TGS Optik Industry and Trade Limited Company; With its 30 years of industry experience and production expertise of its founding team, it offers optical products suitable for all styles and comfortable to the national and international market without compromising eye health. 


The company, which brings together the comfortable optical and sunglasses products suitable for all styles with the users through wholesale, dealer and direct channels; It has adopted the understanding of "accessible quality and aesthetics".


TGS Optical; by using the highest level of technological systems, by closely following the developments in the international optics sector and by conducting meticulous R&D studies with its competent team; It is constantly improving its strong position in design and production to improve it. The eyeglass frames produced with the world-famous TR-90 raw material of Swiss origin, which it uses in its products, are anti-allergic and anti-bacterial, which do not harm human health.


TGS Optik, which operates as a corporate company with its production facility in Istanbul and product development, international procurement, sales/marketing and quality control departments; It offers the perception of trust and quality created by its deep-rooted experience and expertise, with its own brand GoodLook, created in 2020, to the audience that follows modern and energetic designs.

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